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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Kelly BraswellFemale/United States Groups :iconundertale-ships: UnderTale-Ships
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Nightmare Flowey - Remake! by SoulerClash Nightmare Flowey - Remake! :iconsoulerclash:SoulerClash 19 5
The Change [UT AU] Chapter 2:Memories. - Hiatus.
Flowey looks at the Snowdin sign. Its barely noticeable, it is deeply covered in snow. He turns away from the sign and he looks at his surroundings. All the buildings are empty. Some are hidden in the snow. The wind starts blowing heavily. He starts to shiver. He looks around for something to get him warm. He looks and sees a bright shining yellow light in front of one of the buildings nearby.
He thinks to himself. "Is that what i think it is!?" Flowey goes underground and comes back up in front of the building that has the strange familiar light. He looks over at the bright shining yellow light. His eyes get wide in shock. Flowey thinks out loud to himself. "H-How is this possible!? I thought my determination was gone! W-wait.." Flowey grins to himself. "Frisk is on the surface.
I am alone. Alone down here with someone new. Frisk is why i lost my determination!. They fell and saved over my file. They had strong determination! But...My file is back now. How!?" Flowey looks at the light
:iconsoulerclash:SoulerClash 1 2
Cookie Flowey Chibi! by SoulerClash Cookie Flowey Chibi! :iconsoulerclash:SoulerClash 59 8 GasterxToriel. - Forever remembered. by SoulerClash GasterxToriel. - Forever remembered. :iconsoulerclash:SoulerClash 15 1 Cute GasterxToriel Chibi! by SoulerClash Cute GasterxToriel Chibi! :iconsoulerclash:SoulerClash 16 0 Underturn Toriel - Heartache. by SoulerClash Underturn Toriel - Heartache. :iconsoulerclash:SoulerClash 37 2 Victora - Age 5. She is a tiny babybones! - Sketch by SoulerClash Victora - Age 5. She is a tiny babybones! - Sketch :iconsoulerclash:SoulerClash 11 2 Sans ask flowey - What is your favorite meal? by SoulerClash Sans ask flowey - What is your favorite meal? :iconsoulerclash:SoulerClash 3 2 SoulerClash Icon. by SoulerClash SoulerClash Icon. :iconsoulerclash:SoulerClash 3 0 Gaster and Toriel - First Fall Evening. by SoulerClash Gaster and Toriel - First Fall Evening. :iconsoulerclash:SoulerClash 34 7 Thank you for Watching me! by SoulerClash Thank you for Watching me! :iconsoulerclash:SoulerClash 2 6 Echo Gaster - Sketch. by SoulerClash Echo Gaster - Sketch. :iconsoulerclash:SoulerClash 50 3 Gaster and Toriel - First Fall Evening. Sketch. by SoulerClash Gaster and Toriel - First Fall Evening. Sketch. :iconsoulerclash:SoulerClash 30 18 FuzzieFluffs! - Adoptable Bases! F2U by SoulerClash FuzzieFluffs! - Adoptable Bases! F2U :iconsoulerclash:SoulerClash 16 2 Fuzzyfluffs. - Fuzzies! *Adoptables!* by SoulerClash Fuzzyfluffs. - Fuzzies! *Adoptables!* :iconsoulerclash:SoulerClash 8 7 Underfell Toriel - Chilling out! by SoulerClash Underfell Toriel - Chilling out! :iconsoulerclash:SoulerClash 29 3
Hope you like my drawings. :D


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Kelly Braswell
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi, i'm SoulerClash. I love to Draw. Watch Cartoons and Anime. I love Playing Video Games! :heart:

My Top 5 Favorite Video Games is: Undertale. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Chrono Trigger. FNAF 4.
Xenoblade Chroniclers X.

I love scary movie films! Horror,Thriller,Drama and Mystery! :heart:

I love Watching Cartoons and Anime!

I think spooky,creepy things is awesome! :D

I love cats,dogs,rodents,snakes,birds and bats! :heart:

I love to collect bugs sometimes! even study them! :D


I love to read a lot. I am glued to comics! COMICS
ARE THE BEST! :heart:

I love to read Stephen king books! :heart:

Hoping to become a famous writer someday! :D

Write awesome books and create comics for
DC Comics and Marvel! I wanna work with
them someday! :heart:

Creating an awesome Undertale AU comic with my best friends Ctzha and ChroniclerEnigma!

I love drawing by muslma Digital Art! and Traditional Art! :heart:

I am a Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 I have been teaching myself to draw stuff for awhile now. I draw a lot daily.

I am Always tired... by prosaix I drink alot of Tea and Coffee. I want to be a drawing professional! :D

More about me through Stamps! Sleep is Overrated Stamp by Mirz123 Can't Sleep Stamp by In-The-Machine deviantart addicted stamp by belgiangirl deviantART Stamp 9 by nirman I Love My Music ::Stamp:: by himiko-hedgehog

Lost in my imagination... by PixieRiot I Love Weekends Stamp by Mirz123 I :heart: my ACTIVE watchers by StampsByNeekko Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05 The Gallery Stamp by Busiris Wacom User :stamp: by Amblygon Peace Love and Pen Tool Stamp by shebid

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I use these programs: Stamp- Medibang Paint Pro User by Migues3 I Support SAI STAMP by KittyChan12 Clip Studio Paint stamp by SuperEdco Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear

Favorite Undertale Characters: Undertale W.D.Gaster fan button by SilverFlame666 Undertale Skelebros fan button by SilverFlame666 Undertale Toriel fan button by SilverFlame666 Undertale Asriel fan button by SilverFlame666 Undertale Chara fan button by SilverFlame666 Undertale Flowey fan button by SilverFlame666 Omega Flowey fan button by SilverFlame666 Undertale Alphys fan button by SilverFlame666 Undertale Undyne fan button by SilverFlame666 UT: Muffet Fan Button by xioccolate Undertale Mettaton fan button by SilverFlame666 Undertale Napstablook fan button by SilverFlame666 Undertale Temmie fan button by SilverFlame666 Undertale Frisk fan button by SilverFlame666 Undertale Asgore fan button by SilverFlame666

Favorite Undertale AUs: Underfell Fan Button by Jeyawue Underswap fan button by BrownPen0 Undervirus Fan Button by Jeyawue NightmareTale Fan Button by Endlesshunter HorrorTale Fan Button by Addicted2Electronics

Other things i love a lot: I Love Cartoons and Anime Button (Request) by Kyu-Dan I Love Video Games Button by Kyu-Dan Old CN Fan Button by Kyu-Dan Classic Disney Fan Button by Kyu-Dan MLP: Friendship is Magic Fan Button (Edited) by ButtonsMaker Five Nights at Freddy's Button by ButtonsMaker Crossover Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Creepypasta Fan Button by buttonsmakerv2 Nintendo Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Minecraft Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Doctor Who Fan Button by ButtonsMaker VOCALOID Button by ButtonsMaker The Game Theorists Fan Button by ButtonsMaker YouTube Fan Button by ButtonsMaker JackSepticEye Fan Buttton by ButtonsMaker Markiplier Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Tobuscus Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Nyan Cat Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Dubstep Fan Button by ButtonsMaker ASDF Movie Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Steven Universe Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker Google Chrome Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Tumblr Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Nostalgia Button by ButtonsMaker RWBY Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Terraria Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Samurai Jack Button by ButtonsMaker DragonBall Z Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Daft Punk Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
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Here is the link to my Discord group for saving Net Neutrality! The name of my group for everyone on the Internet! Its called Net Neutrality Protection Crew. Its a group to save Net Neutrality and for everyone to be themselves and their love for the internet! I am hoping to get as many members as possible. I want to help save Net Neutrality! Please join today and give your support!
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